Laser Etch

Laser etching is a truly unique decoration method, where the laser removes a thin layer of fiber from the fabric/material. By adjusting the intensity and speed of the laser we can sculpt dimension into the designs, giving you a result that has stunning clarity and precision.

This application works well on a variety of products, but the most success we have had is on fleece, napped fabrics and polyester performance wear. For this process to be successful, materials need to be tightly knit so that they are less likely to burn.

Fabrics that do not laser etch well include terry cloth and plush materials because they are not tightly knit and when produced and will burn instead of engraving.

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Q: Why cant Cotton be laser etched?

A: Due to the very high temperatures the laser reaches, any Cotton material will catch fire and ruin the garment.

Q: What is Tone on Tone?

A: Laser etch produced an effect known as “Tone on Tone.” This means that the imprint on the fabric will appear a shade or 2 darker than the original fabric color.

Q: Can you Laser etch Heathered or Patterned Garments?

A: Laser etch does not work on these types of materials due to either the materials having cotton or the pattern being too light or dark to be able to produce a consistent imprint. (See next question more detail)

Q: Can Laser etch be done on White or Black material?

A: No. White or Light garments cannot produce a tone on tone look due to how light they are. Black or dark garments cannot have a darker shade to produce a visible effect.

Jersity’s Laser Etching technology allows customers to combine techniques to create a wide variety of one-of-a-kind decorated apparel with dramatic appeal.

Jersity uses lasers and a computerized system to precisely engrave, cut or mark a wide range of garments. Often, customers combine Laser Etching with Embroidery to create those extra special embellishments that bring out the design and get noticed.

The above information & capabilities are based on our in house production & 3rd party production services.