Heat Transfer

We have 3 types of heat transfers available:

  • True Edge
  • Vinyl
  • Screen Printed
  • Silicone
  • Metallic
  • Reflective
  • Glitter

True Edge Transfers are a process that does not involve the weeding of the excess material like vinyl printing. The imprint is very thin thus making it have no feel when on the garment.

Vinyl Transfer uses a print and plotter method. We print on white vinyl and then cut the imprint out of the vinyl and press it on the garments.

Screen Printed Heat Transfers are a very soft, stretchable, weedless transfer. Similar to True Edge but cannot get as fine of detail and is thicker than vinyl.

The True edge transfer is more of a high end look and goes very well on high end garments like polos and jackets. Due to how thin the transfer is, using True Edge on cotton or canvas type materials (non high end) the transfer does not adhere as well. The Vinyl Transfer is what you most commonly see on jerseys, t-shirts, or heavier materials such as backpacks and heavy duty materials.

Fleece and Wool fabrics do not work with the transfer process.

Heat Transfer has a wide range of garments and materials it can make work on giving your customers endless possibilities.

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Vinyl Transfer: Artwork received is taken into an editing program (Illustrator) and cut lines are added around the design for the printer to cut out the design. The vinyl is sent out to production to weed the unprinted parts (this process is called weeding) around the design (excess) so that all that remains is the design. Then a layer of masking is applied to the front so that we can remove the design from the vinyl backing. The back of the design now has glue that can be applied to the product. The masked imprint is set to position on the garment and pressed by heat presses which allows the glue to bond to the product. Masking is removed and product is finished.

True Edge Transfer: Artwork received is taken into an editing program (Illustrator) and sized correctly and flipped backwards. The design is then printed to a special transparency paper that requires no weeding or cutting. The paper is brought out to production and the imprint is applied directly to the product.

Q: What type of fabrics can be done with Vinyl?

A: Anything except Leather, Spandex, PU, and Raised Fleece.

Q: How long does heat seal last?

A: As long as wash instructions are followed, it will last as long as the garment does.

Q: Why aren’t fades allowed for vinyl?

A: The way vinyl is printed, onto vinyl and cut out, it doesn’t allow for designs that fade to garment color.

Q: What is a background fill for vinyl?

A: When there are objects that are too small for a weedable area, we have to fill it in to match the product color, eliminating the need to weed it out.

Max Imprint Size: 15″W x 19″H

The above information & capabilities are based on our in house production & 3rd party production services.