Cylindrical Print

Cylindrical printing is the newest advancement in Cylindrical Object printing technology. The Cylindrical printer allows us to print full wraps on various types of cylindrical hard goods such as Cups, Tumbler’s, Glassware, Water Bottles, and many more.

The Imprint possibilities on the Cylindrical Printer are endless.

  • Inside and/or Outside glassware printing
  • Full Wrap
  • Single side print
  • Transparent Gloss Prints
  • Softer feel to finished product

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Our select inventory is customized to be able to print on our cylindrical printer. A product is loaded on and is selected in the printer to print all of the curves of the product perfectly. The machine spins the product and prints on it as it rotates. Once completed printing, the product is cured for longer lasting prints.

Q: Are the products Dishwasher safe?

A: Hand wash only is recommended.

Drinkware Sublimation

Drinkware sublimation combines the dye sublimation process with glass, ceramic, and steel. The one thing that separates the drinkware sublimation from the cylindrical printing is that this process can be machine washed.
Check out our hard goods guide for info on printable products as well as templates.

Art is printed with special sublimation ink on treated paper. Then the paper is placed onto the product. Using a heat press, the heat and pressure cause the ink to change into a gas which then absorbs into the material. After that the paper is removed and the product is complete.

Q: Are the products Dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, these can be dishwashed without issues

Flat Bed Printing

The Flat Bed Printer allows us to print a much wider range of hard goods from notebooks, coolers, coasters, frames, and a whole lot more!

Products are loaded in bulk to our printer on a custom made jig. The machine self levels for best printing distance and begins printing on all of the products at the same time. After a pass of ink a UV light follows to cure the ink immediately.

The above information & capabilities are based on our in house production & 3rd party production services.