Digital Print

Put simply, DTG printers are bigger versions of your desktop ink jet printer (with specially tested water based inks) but instead of printing paper, they print on fabric. We currently run 8 Kornit Atlas’, the latest and greatest in Kornit Tech.

The inks contain a ‘fusing agent’, so when the design has been printed on the garments, the ‘fusing agent’ enables the inks to permanently adhere to the fibers of the fabric. The outcome is a high quality, vibrant colored print.

Our machines use CMYKRG-W inkset. This allows our printer to print the full gamut range of CMYK plus higher quality Reds and Greens with the dedicated channels. The white is the most important because it allows the design to be printed onto black or dark garments by way of an Underbase.

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Jersity offers direct on garment printing services to give customers a high-quality print in a full range of colors at a competitive price. Digital Print technology particularly caters small to mid size orders. We produce 7-8,000 pieces per day on in digital print alone.

With the latest technology at Jersity, high-resolution art can be sent directly to the printer and be printed in minutes without any costly setups or screen charges. This allows our customers to never have to say no to any size order.

At Jersity, we use a superior textile digital printing chemistry solution that features a line of high-end water base pigmented inks and wetting additives formulated to ensure the highest level of vibrancy, color and performance.

Why choose Jersity’s Digital Print?

  • No setup cost.
  • Print as few as one piece in full vibrant colors.
  • Quick turn around assuring on-time delivery.
  • Eco-friendly with all water base products.
  • Exceptional quality standards.

The above information & capabilities are based on our in house production & 3rd party production services.