Appliqué is one of the most unique and exciting applications for embroidery, and is an ideal choice when dealing with large designs where high stitch counts are an issue.

This technique has been used extensively in the educational market for spirit wear. However traditional appliqué has also been a very labor intensive, time-consuming process involving cutting, positioning and fastening of the fabric. With this, came a higher cost of production, thus a higher cost to sell and fewer markets to sell to. Now, by using laser technology to cut the fabric right on the garment, we are able to reduce the process to a quick, hassle-free operation eliminating the need to pre-cut and position complex fabric shapes. In turn, the cost of the application is now very affordable, opening up many more markets to sell to.

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Q: What is Applique?

A: Applique is a mix of laser etch and embroidery but with layering. By creating multiple layers, your design can have more depth and detail in many different ways.

Q: Can you applique T-Shirts?

A: Applique does not work on thin material like T-Shirts. Due to the layering of the process the imprint has much more weight than a typical tee would be able to handle. We can only applique on thicker material/fabric.

Q: What is layering (add’l Colors on pricing)?

A: Layering is the amount of layers needed to create your design with applique. For something like the Mille Lacs Lake image, seen below, it would be 2 Layers. 1 Layer of orange fabric, and another layer of dye sublimated fabric on top.

Q: How are the layers applied?

A: The layers are applied via an embroidery run stitch. Each individual layer will need to be stitched to the one below it all the way down to the garment.

Traditional Applique

Customers can let their imaginations lead the way with Jersity’s Laser Appliqué services. Laser Appliqué offers customers a variety of applications, including the Distressed Appliqué look made popular by leading retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

With Laser Appliqué, Jersity creates intricate designs, stunning engraved photographic images, a sequin effect, and Reverse Appliqués on an unlimited number of garments. Traditional Applique is typically straight cut fabrics sewn together.

Jersity’s laser technology makes the Traditional Appliqué easier and more affordable while expanding the possibilities to include a variety of other techniques that can fashion to customer designs. This technique allows customers to use multiple fabrics or mediums to make a bold statement at an affordable price.

Why choose Jersity’s Traditional Applique? Our Applique has exceptional detail and accuracy, intricate layered designs, is fashion forward, and has unlimited design potential.

Reverse Applique

Reverse Appliqué is a technique that involves placing a piece of fabric on the inside of a garment, unlike a Traditional Appliqué the fabric is placed on top of the garment. After the embroidery machine sews the outlines and details of the design, the laser cuts the garment fabric precisely where needed to expose the appliqué fabric underneath. The most popular fabrics used for this technique is thermal fabric, t-shirt fabric and sweatshirt fabric.

Dye Sub Applique

Dye Sublimation Applique is a combination of two processes, Dye Sublimation and Laser Appliqué. With this process you can customize your typical appliqué twill with images or designs on sublimated satin material that is cut to shape of the appliqué.

This process is limitless in possibilities.

Distressed Applique

The Distressed Appliqué look has been made popular by leading retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Jersity’s Distressed Appliqué services allows customers to let their imaginations lead the way. View the gallery below to see just some of the possibilities.

The above information & capabilities are based on our in house production & 3rd party production services.